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About Us

Precious Gems Montessori® (a.k.a PGM) aims to develop a culture and environment which fosters independence, social consciousness and love of learning for young children.  It delivers this based on the philosophy and core principles of Montessori education, with a belief that each child is precious and has individual development needs to bring out his or her full potential.  PGM provides specialized Montessori education, coupled with fun-filled extracurricular activities and high-quality child care services. 

We offer an exceptional learning environment to prepare our students to learn, to grow, to achieve and to excel as young leaders of tomorrow.

The school offers individualized curriculum in the areas of language, art, math, science, cultural, sensorial and practical life.  Our education is supplemented with exciting extracurricular activities and programs to create a fun-filled and satisfying environment for young children of all ages, as well as exceptional child-care services.

Preschool Class
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